A Wow! Backyard & View—Palisades—Ross Barnett Reservoir

Gary Haygood > A Wow! Backyard & View—Palisades—Ross Barnett Reservoir

A Wow! Backyard & View

Palisades - Ross Barnett Reservoir

This was a new construction project located in the upscale Palisades neighborhood located on the Ross Barnett Reservoir. The home won Best of Mississippi Award by the Homebuilders Association of Mississippi.

The owners entertain large and small groups, so they wanted a pool and spa as well as an outdoor kitchen. The trick with these types of projects is incorporating amenities without blocking views to the water. To that end, the outdoor kitchen with overhead trellis structure and TV are located on the side of the patio, parallel to the views of the water.

To add interest, I created different levels which also provide additional seating around the raised pool coping. Access down each side of the pool allows for multiple spaces for groups to enjoy as well as access to the boat house. This pool area is, of course, usable but it’s also a beautiful feature just to look at from the house!

There is limited space between the house and the side property lines, yet access is needed for maintenance and large gatherings. A low profile rock walkway provides access without taking up too much of the limited space.

Likewise, there are garages on both sides of the house which mandate maximum turning space. I added the circular drive to be in scale with the house and to provide a planting area between the front door and the street for added privacy.

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