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site capacity study & permitting

Proposed site planning/capacity study for the County Line Road project
Closeup of proposed site planning/capacity study for the County Line Road project

This shows a Site Capacity Study for the County Line Road project in Pasco County, Florida. By preparing Site Capacity Studies like this for a property owner or buyer, he/she can know how the property can realistically be used based on current development codes. The actual capacity of a property can only be determined after setbacks, buffers, retention, parking and other components have been shown on the site. Various designs will yield various results so it is worthwhile for a developer to hire a Landscape Architect–like myself–to find the most efficient way to develop a site while maintaining intuitive vehicular and pedestrian access and an overall quality experience.

Site planning/capacity study for Mitchell Water Board

This represents a Site Capacity Study & Permit Document project for improvements to the Mitchell Water Treatment Facility in New Port Richey, Florida. Landscape and irrigation plans are often required for permitting of a project. This shows a project presentation board that addresses the requirements of the development code. This study was utilized for approval of a variance request to accommodate existing conditions as well as for construction.

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