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site capacity studies & permitting

Along with my work with residential and commercial clients, my extensive permitting experience over the last 30 years includes working with municipalities across the United States. Some of those municipalties include:

  • City of Madison, MS
  • Madison County, MS – I also serve as the county’s Landscape Architect.
  • City of Ridgeland, MS
  • City of Jackson, MS
  • Town of Hilton Head Island, SC
  • Beaufort County, SC
  • Jasper County, SC
  • City of Ridgeland, SC
  • City of Savannah, GA
  • City of Clearwater, FL
  • City of St. Petersburg, FL
  • City of Pensacola, FL
  • City of Tampa, FL
  • Pasco County, FL
  • City of Zephyrhills, FL
  • City of New Port Richey, FL
  • Buncombe County, NC
  • Pearl River Valley Water Supply District (PRVWSD)
Proposed site planning/capacity study for the County Line Road project
Closeup of proposed site planning/capacity study for the County Line Road project

This shows a Site Capacity Study for the County Line Road project in Pasco County, Florida. By preparing Site Capacity Studies like this for a property owner or buyer, he/she can know how the property can realistically be used based on current development codes. The actual capacity of a property can only be determined after setbacks, buffers, retention, parking and other components have been shown on the site. Various designs will yield various results so it is worthwhile for a developer to hire a Landscape Architect–like myself–to find the most efficient way to develop a site while maintaining intuitive vehicular and pedestrian access and an overall quality experience.

Site planning/capacity study for Mitchell Water Board

These are further examples of the types of Parcel Studies and Commercial Capacity Studies that can be performed for commercial clients. These studies help my clients see how the land might be used for commercial purposes.

Gary Haygood's Parcel Study for Mississippi College
Gary Haygood's Commercial Capacity Studies for Coamo Springs, Puerto Rico project
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