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closeup of cobblestone

Bayou Master Plan Completion

The house is spectacular with its charm and historical character but the owners were tired of the asphalt driveway which was in disrepair. Also, the house didn’t really seem to be the focal feature as you enter the parking area because of views of the garage. There was nothing to direct your views to the front of the home.

Showing side yard after changes made

Backyard Paradise

The homeowners are retired and wanted me to create a backyard paradise for them to enjoy. The process included two phases and, in the end, the homeowners were estatic with the results and now enjoy their backyard paradise whether inside or out.

Private Retreat with Impressive Water Feature

A breathtaking pool with a feature wall of fountains creates the focal point in this client’s personal oasis. We tied into an existing patio space in a way that is indistinguishable and looks like it always belonged there. And, to make entering and exiting the pool area easier for the family, a private outdoor shower is tucked away in the corner of the yard.

Home won Best in Mississippi and was featured in Stages magazine.

A Wow! Backyard & View

This was a new construction project located in the upscale Palisades neighborhood located on the Ross Barnett Reservoir. The owners entertain large and small groups, so they wanted a pool and spa as well as an outdoor kitchen. The trick with these types of projects is incorporating amenities without blocking views to the water.

A Dream Oasis in Your Own Backyard

You will be amazed to see how this inviting, spectacular outdoor living space started in the backyard overwhelmed with trees and underbrush and practically unusable because the clay soil kept the area wet and soggy. The homeowners had a substantial “wish list” and Gary was able to deliver on all of their desires.

Taking Advantage of Lakefront Views

One significant factor in the design was creating view corridors from the pool area to the lake. Planning ahead of time where these views would be was the starting point for the design of the pool and location of seating spaces around the pool.

Grand Water Feature & Complete Backyard Transformation

The turquoise water feature wall is the “WOW!” element, which is seen when entering the home and coordinates with the interior color scheme. With the impressive yet relaxing fountain feature in the center of the yard, the swimming pool, outdoor kitchen and fire pit were set to the sides to create multiple spaces for people to enjoy.

Grand staircases and sculpture opening views to golf course.

Creating Spectacular Golf Course Vistas

This project was all about scale. The house was located on a hill with a 10’ drop between it and the golf course behind the home. To solve the problem of traversing the steep incline to the golf course, I designed two grand staircases that were in scale with the house and the large open area behind it. Homeowners can now enjoy a lovely view of the Reunion Golf Course with easy access to the course.

Retirement Dream Come True

Preparing for retirement, the clients bought a house in disrepair on the Ross Barnett Reservoir with intentions to completely renovate the yard and entrance. They desired a pool, spa, firepit and boathouse. To keep their dream plan within the initial budget, they decided to wait to build the boathouse, but with a master plan in place, the walks are planned so access to the future boathouse can be added without having to demolish anything.

Large outdoor brick fireplace with t.v. above (beyond closed barn-style doors) with storage on either side for logs. Outdoor living room in front of the fireplace. Foreground shows yellow and pink flowers.

Family Fun Outdoor Living Space

This family of eight wanted to add a space that would accommodate the whole family and guests or just small groups.

Transforming a Yard Full of Trees

We took this uninspired covered porch and a yard full of trees and transformed it into a backyard oasis and a fully functional covered porch for the family to enjoy for years to come. The landscape now includes a meandering seatwall, a firepit, and a swing trellis which create a stunning element to view from indoors. Additionally, the master landscape plan includes a grill structure, so it can be added later if the homeowners should decide to do so.

Elevated view of oceanfront home with pool, sauna, fountain, pool pergola and majestic views with palm trees in the background

Oceanfront Luxury

Three oceanfront and two oceanview residences, developed as an enclave, boast genuine Italian features and meticulous detailing.

Luxury Living at Its Best

The scale and treatment of the landscape only intensifies the luxuriousness of this grand home. Without the proper driveway alignment and landscape treatment, this house could be imposing and perhaps uncomfortable to approach. The view from the back of the house to the lake had phenomenal potential, but your eyes needed to be directed somewhere specifically for the greatest effect.

Front entrance of a luxury estate showing grand staircase and water fountain in the courtyard

Luxury Estate Living

This estate-style home was designed for entertaining with a covered outdoor kitchen, large pool deck, hot tub and a vanishing edge pool. Attention to detailing and close coordination with fellow consultants helped make this project a success.

Boardwalk created over creek

Changing Views

Unfortunately, the floor plan the clients chose wouldn’t have accentuated the property to its best. After hearing what they liked about the floor plan, I
suggested that we get an architectural draftsman involved to help make the house fit the site better. The results was a home that takes full advantage of all that the property has to offer.
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