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Community Master Plan—Ridgeland, SC

Bedell Village Master Plan created by Gary Haygood
Bedell Village Master Plan created by Gary Haygood

This 235 acre tract was in Ridgeland, South Carolina, about an hour from Hilton Head Island and Beaufort, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia. It was located on Highway 278 across the street from a new school to the east, a community airport to the south, wetlands across the back on the west side, and other parcels to the north. The city supported growth in that area so we were hired to prepare a master plan to illustrate how it might be developed in the future. This plan served as the basis for the rezoning documents to secure rights for multiple uses and densities.

Logically, commercial uses were located adjacent to the highway, retention ponds on the low areas at the back of the property with single family and multi-family residential and office uses located between. What made this plan particularly attractive were the large greenways incorporated into the design to allow for a park-like, community friendly character. There was also a trail system that ran around the perimeter of the development and tied into the various uses.

The community center was located on the lagoon (lake) which was easily accessible by all of the residents. This plan had elements of a traditional neighborhood design (TND) built into it, meaning that it was walkable with sidewalks throughout, homes located close to the street and vehicular access in the backs of the homes via alleyways.

By rezoning property, owners can continue to live on the property if they choose to do so and yet still participate in the impending growth of the area if they want to. And the land values would be much greater than just selling raw land with fewer development rights.

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