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What is Landscape Architecture?

“Landscape Architecture is the profession that encompasses the analysis, planning, design, management and stewardship of the natural and built environment.” American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)

Night view of the pool at Vintage Lofts at West End

The following are stages of design that are typically part of commercial landscape projects whether it be community amenities, entrances, resorts, apartments, condominiums or other commercial use:

Conceptual Design

The landscape architectural services begin once the master plan is established. Conceptual design starts to develop areas allocated for various uses, i.e., clubhouse, community pool area, entrances, streetscapes and other common areas. This is the time to establish the theme of the project as a collaboration between the client, architect, landscape architect and other consultant team members. Various designs and Conceptual Opinions of Cost are prepared to verify that the design is roughly within the owner’s construction budget.

Design Development

The goal of this phase is to make further refinements to the design by enlarging plan areas and preparing sections and elevations of various design elements. Materials are chosen and the Opinion of Cost is refined to represent the most current design.

Construction Documentation

Upon approval of the Design Development package by the client, construction documents are prepared for bidding and construction purposes. Construction documents may include a site plan, grading and layout plans, construction details as well as planting, lighting and irrigation plans. Construction specifications may be provided depending on the needs of the client and the complexity of the project.

Bidding and Negotiations

The landscape architect typically provides assistance to the client during the bidding and negotiations phase. He/she may issue a bid package and assist the client in determining the lowest qualified bidder.

Construction Observation

Construction Observation services provide the client with the assurance that the project is being built in accordance with his drawings. Punch lists are typically provided and the built project is considered complete once a Certificate of Substantial Completion is issued by the landscape architect.

Other Available Services Include:

  • Project Permitting
  • Design Guidelines
  • Strategic Planning for Passing Land from Generation to Generation
  • Rezonings/Entitlement of Property
  • Perspective Renderings
  • Character Studies
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