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Civic & Institutional Designs—Ridgeland, MS

Sunnybrook Children’s Home is a Christian children’s home located in Ridgeland, Mississippi. The facility includes several group homes, a gymnasium, dining hall, playground, tennis courts and open fields on the property. However, there was no place for the children to gather outdoors with their parents or other visitors for events or to do homework outdoors, whether alone or in groups.

Wendy Herring was a volunteer at Sunnybrook, and she had the vision to create a space for the children along with a space to host community events and to invite the community onto their campus.

Wendy asked me if I could create a design for this space which was previously just open space among large trees. In order to accommodate large and small groups, I designed a shelter as the primary structure to allow bands or entertainers to perform. Restrooms, grills and large tables were also donated for the space.

The large courtyard space is a multi-purpose court that includes a volleyball court, oversized checkers and chess sets, and four 4-Square courts. On one end of the courtyard is a large trellis structure with seating below. The other end has three swing trellises. The difference in elevations made it necessary to have retaining walls which worked well as a seat wall that many people are able to occupy.

The courtyard is gated but can be seen from Ridgeland Avenue. This project was designed as a pro bono project in support of Sunnybrook.

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