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Add an Indoor Garden Using Lego-like LeGrow Modular Units

Aug 14, 2017 0 Garden, Green, Health, Home Improvements, Plants, Succulents

In all honesty and with full disclosure, I have not used this system, so I can’t recommend purchasing it. That said, I think it’s an interesting idea especially for people with limited outdoor space whether you live in an apartment or a dorm or work in an office.

This is designed by a new company from Singapore, and the garden is named LeGrow. Basically, you can arrange your garden in any manner you like using Lego-like blocks. You can include humidifers and lights which come on automatically for a set number of hours each day. Perfect for any office because the base discreetly hides 4 USB ports that you can use to charge your phones, tablets, etc.

Check out the video and pictures below.



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