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As your Landscape Architect, I’m able to envision how your property can best be used to take advantage of its natural conditions and views, and how you can utilize the land to its greatest extent possible. I can also help you strategically locate your house on a property so vehicular and pedestrian circulation and parking are intuitive as guests arrive and as you enjoy your home.

Site planning is both an art and a science. Professional Landscape Architects (PLA) like me create outdoor spaces for people to enjoy. Licensed Landscape Architects develop site plans for the grounds surrounding homes and businesses.

I start by analyzing the site and the factors above the ground, below the ground and on the ground. Things like native vegetation, views to/from the site, surrounding properties, sun angles, wind patterns, soil conditions, hydrology, erosion, existing land use, utilities and many other elements must all be taken into account. Additionally, all designs must be in compliance with local zoning laws.

For example, one client couple–Blake and Betsy–had three acres of heavily vegetated land with an existing pond. They came to me to help them locate their house on the site so they could take full advantage of the pond and its water feature while still maintaining front door views from the street.

Architecture design plan showing how Gary Haygood improved the views for this home.

By collaborating with an architectural draftsman, we determined a better way to accentuate the pond while still giving the family the Southern Living floorplan they desired. All of the interior common living areas as well as the outdoor patio now have spectacular views of a tremendous amenity that may have been missed.

Additionally, I transformed the existing drainage swale that bisected the property by creating a boardwalk across it from the guest parking area to the front door so guests could enjoy the natural, pristine character of the property. It is so rewarding to help people take the greatest advantage of what their property has to offer!

Likewise, I can help both residential and commercial landscape architecture clients determine the feasibility of a site. This particular plan was created for a developer to determine the feasibility of building luxury homes on a 3-acre site.

master concept plan for a 3 acre parcel in Clinton, MS where Gary Haygood helped a developer determine the site's feasibility.

I provided several options with various size houses to determine the most efficient, interesting and aesthetically pleasing layout. This helped the developer determine if it was financially beneficial to develop this parcel based on a realistic number of lots that fit and met applicable codes, amount of infrastructure required to service the lots, conceptual street tree layout and things like that.

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