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Patio Makeover on a Budget

Jun 1, 2017 0 Blog, Curb Appeal, Home Improvements, Improvements, Landscape Architecture, Plants, Remodel, Staging

Is your patio in drastic need of a makeover? Limited funds to get it done? These 5 quick, easy Tips to Makeover Your Patio on a Budget bring more bang for your buck in no time.

 #1 – add some color!

It’s hard to enjoy your patio if it’s covered in debris scattered by the wind or by critters with a penchant for digging and trampling. Stop critters with the humble pine cone — instead of regular mulch. Those spiny cones will deter pests and mischievous pets. And chances are your plants will LOVE them because they acidify the soil. Showstopper plants like azaleas and rhododendrons will burst with color. Pine cones also decompose slowly, so you won’t be constantly re-upping your supply — saving you time and money. In most parts of the country, you can easily find them for free.

#2 – rust? so what?

Drab, boring gray concrete? A can of paint can do wonders! Try painting it a bold, bright color or a fun pattern, like chevron. You can also mimic the appearance of upscale stone patios with just a bit of paint and some stamps. If you want to let your creative juices flow, try mimicking a carpet or even a game board, such as Twister. At the very least, a new coat of concrete stain will give that tired concrete a fresh look.

#3 – get rid of those pests

Purchasing new patio furniture can be expensive. But, why replace when you can easily refurbish your old furniture–or pick up a great deal at a thrift store or garage sale and then have fun! Now is a great time for vibrant, fun colors.

There are several ways to remove rust. If the damage isn’t too extensive, the job can be as simple as scraping it off. Use a wire brush, sandpaper, or steel wool — and a bit of elbow grease — to scour it away. For less effort, use a drill with a wire brush attachment. For more extensive rust issues, you can use an acidic agent like vinegar to help with the removal. Or use a chemical rust converter (such as Rust-Oleum), which actually changes the rust into a different substance and protects against future rusting, adding years to your chaise’s lifespan. Paint over the treated spot and you’re ready.

Oops…don’t like the color. Pick another color and do it again!

#4 create functional storage space

Gary Haygood, Professional Landscape Architect, will tell you that outdoors storage can be just as important as the storage space inside your home. But, it needn’t be expensive.

For example, here’s a quick and easy to make storage cute and mobile–perfect for your patio space. Paint wooden crates (about $10 each) to match your patio (or try a bright, fun, contrasting color) and add a sealant to weatherproof the wood. Arrange them to create attractive, rustic storage. Glue the crates together and attach wheels to the bottom if you want to be able to move it around.

#5 build a firepit – No tools!

Sometimes the best way to distract from a patio that needs some love is by drawing attention to a feature that does nothing but delight. Whether you invest in installing a permanent firepit or want to use a different alternative, a firepit can serve as an arresting visual focal point while adding more fun and function to your patio.

Creating your own outdoor s’more-making oasis doesn’t have to take much time or money. You can purchase simple-to-assemble firepits from any big box store although you might find more unusual designs at the smaller stores. Try DIY blog Young House Love’s super-cheap, pint-sized pit, which requires only heat-resistant pavers (also called fire bricks), which cost about $5 per stone. Stack two layers of them in a small circle about six bricks in circumference on top of a stone slab, and there you have it: a mini fire pit. Make sure your patio is constructed with fire-safe materials before attempting this project (sorry, wooden deck lovers!) and that you follow local fire codes.

Of course, if you want to create a personal oasis in your backyard whether that’s a firepit, seating wall, swing, pool, water feature or a myriad of other features that bring entertainment and relaxation to your families, Gary Haygood, Professional Landscape Architect, is always available to talk with you. Contact him here or call him at 601.966.3581.

Time to grab a few marshmallows!


Taken from, written by Jamie Wiebe.

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