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July 4th Decorations for under $4!

Jun 30, 2017 0 Blog, Decorations, Garden, Holidays

Great, inexpensive patriotic ideas to decorate your yard, deck and home for July 4th. Easy and quick ideas that even the kids can help out on. All projects less than $4 each! We hope you like these ideas and would love to see you post pics.

Star Spangled Yard


Lawn care in the rocket's red glare landscaping ideas
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Most homeowners choose to have Independence Day celebrations in the backyard, and what better way to decorate than use the yard itself? With a big star stencil (you can cut one out of construction paper), a spray bottle, and some regular flour, you can create DIY lawn stars that will decorate your grass all night long! Plus, there’s no cleanup and they won’t damage the grass. Enjoy the yard decorations!

Bandana Table Runner


Kitchen or dining room table decor for the 4th
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If you’re planning on using an outdoor kitchen for a BBQ or picnic, one of the easiest ways to show your style is to decorate the table. An easy way to create a cheap yet classy table runner is by using solid red, white, and blue bandanas, overlapping on the diagonal in a line down the middle of the table. Not only do most homeowners have a few lying around, but they can be found in bulk for incredibly cheap and thrown in the washer when the party is over.

Don’t have an outdoor kitchen to make entertaining easy and special? That’s okay. Contact Gary Haygood today and he can have one designed and built for you before the next holiday comes ’round.

Bandana Cushions


DIY Bandana decor for exterior home parties this 4th
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If you are buying bandanas in bulk, another way to create stylish, celebratory decor without spending a ton is this quick cushion DIY. For lawn chairs around the swimming pool or in the yard watching the fireworks display, all you need is the chair cushion you want to upgrade, two bandanas, 4 rubber bands and small pieces of ribbon. Simply put the cushion between the bandanas, cinch the corners with the rubber bands and cover with the ribbon. Voila!

Woven Table Runner


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If you’re all out of bandanas, another quick and easy table runner can be made using only crepe paper and tape. You can do with all one color, like red, over a blue tablecloth, but we suggest using red and blue crepe paper over a white tablecloth for the most visually appealing, patriotic table runner. Lay 5 pieces of red crepe paper longways over the table and tape one end. Then, weave in about 7 pieces of blue crepe paper horizontally, alternating how you start, and tape both ends. Tape the final red ends, and you’re done! Works great for a table runner or decor on a buffet table.

Display Rockets


Landscaping options in the backyard: The rocket's red glare
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In a state where fireworks are illegal? That doesn’t mean you can’t create faux rockets for a creative display! By using these plans for DIY rockets, you can create fun lookalikes using red, white, and blue cardstock, stationery paper, or even just construction paper, along with a piece of ribbon and wooden dowel. Display in a bucket filled with sand on a buffet table, or in an entryway!

Bright Stars


Interior or exterior home star spangled candles
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You know those that come in all sorts of colors? (Check out your local dollar store for great deals.) Well, those – especially the red, silver, and blue ones – are a homeowner’s best friend when it comes to decorating for the fourth. You can use them on candles, both inside and outside, to create festive accents, or you can have the kids use them to decorate popcorn buckets to carry snacks to the fireworks display. The options are endless and the supplies are cheap, so have a blast!

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