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How to Cool Off in Your Garden

Jul 19, 2017 0 Blog, Curb Appeal, Garden, Improvements, Landscape Architecture, Plants

With these hot Mississippi summers, who doesn’t want to feel cool and refreshed? Lelia Scott Kelly, Ph.D., is a Horticulture Specialist with the Mississippi State University Extension office, and she offers the following advice to help you create a cooling, serene feel to your garden.

Cool colors are considered relaxing and peaceful and colors such as reds and oranges are considered active, energetic, and hot. So, you need to decide if the overall atmosphere of your outdoor spaces and gardens should be cool or hot—for me, I prefer a mix with a tad more cool colors to calm and cool me down after a hard day of work.

If you want the appearance of cool and calm in your outdoor living areas, be sure to incorporate flowers in shades of blue, purple, violet, lavender, and everything in between. Plants with foliage in shades of green massed around an area can add to the cool effect. Adding plants with white variegation, white flowers or silvery foliage will also add to the cool, icy atmosphere.

  • Flowering plants within the blue range are scaevola, catmint, petunia, verbena, iris, amsonia, asters, and many of the perennial salvia, including the mealy cup sage, bog sage, Mexican bush sage, Indigo Spires, and East Friesland salvia—to name just a few.
  • Plants with silvery or whitish foliage are dusty miller, dianthus, lamb’s ear, and artemisias such as Valerie Finnis, Silver Mound and Powis Castle.
  • Plants with white variegated foliage include hostas, scented geraniums, zonal geraniums, sedums, and many of the ornamental grasses.

If you need help designing the perfect outdoor space and/or garden in your own yard, please give contact me, and I’ll be glad to answer your questions and show you how you can create our own personal oasis.