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Easy Fall Decorations

Oct 18, 2017 0 Activities, Blog, Decorations, Garden, Green, Holidays, Staging

Just a few easy fall decorating ideas we put together for you. We would love to see pics of your finished pieces. Enjoy!


3 inverted win glasses with votives on top and a miniture pumpkin under each glass part

This one will have you wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Simply turn over your wine glass, place a votive on the stem and a simple holiday or seasonal item under the goblet. You can just imagine the possibilities for uses throughout the year! What about Christmas ornaments, birthday trinkets, wedding souvenirs…the list could go on.


walnut used as photo holder

Great for the time of year when family are visiting. Use old baby pictures for table place settings. Help the children learn their family history during the holidays. Simply drill a small hole in the top of a walnut. (Pick nuts with flatter bottoms so they stand up easily.) Cut a 6-inch piece of 18-gauge wire. Wrap one end of the wire twice around a wide marker. Remove the marker, and pinch the loops together. Insert the other end into the nut. Slip a photo or card between the loops.


candle holder with unpopped popcorn and beans used to fill vase

Another easy idea. You can use popcorn, seeds, beans, etc. inside a vase with a candle. Combine the ingredients, use only one type per vase, etc. Tie with string, rafetta or ribbon to make it look nicer. HINT: To save money and seeds, place the candle on a can, cup, etc. then pour the popcorn/seeds around the container. You will use less this way thus saving money.


4 plastic pumpkins spraypainted copper then stacked - welcome fall y'all painted on the pumpkins - fall colors and leaves in the top pumpkin

Take $1.00 plastic pumpkins and turn them into this lovely topiary. Spray paint the pumpkins–we suggest a metallic finish as shown. Add some stones, brick, etc. into the bottom of each pumpkin to help it be sturdier. In the top pumpkin, create a centerpiece floral arrangement using whatever fall items you prefer. Use paint, stencils, vinyl letters, etc. to write a warm fall message. Then, put outside on your porch or inside the foyer. HINT: Spray paint them white and make a snowman for winter!


showing 3 votive candle holders with small twigs glued to the sides to create warm, fall glow


Quick and easy project. Simply hot glue twigs around a cheap candle holder and then add a votive candle. Sets a nice, cozy ambiance. Use ribbon or string to tie around the twigs if you prefer. HINT: Make these last longer by changing out the ribbon. Fall colors then Christmas colors…

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