Mississippi College Dormitory Additions—Clinton, MS

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mississippi college dormitory additions

Civic & Institutional Designs—Clinton, MS

Mississippi College is a private Christian university with over 5000 students in Clinton, Mississippi. The student body has grown and they were in need of additional dormitories.

I was the landscape architect for the project and was instrumental in working out the pedestrian circulation, plaza designs, retaining walls, planting and lighting. There is a large common greenway area in the center where students can play football, sit and study on the surrounding benches and gather with friends.

The plaza at the end of the greenway has trellis and swing sets that are perched on the hill overlooking the walkway connection to campus. When approaching the dormitories, the the trellis and a future bell tower are the focal features. We provided renderings to illustrate the concept of what the plaza would look like during the early planning stages. These are very helpful in creating and communicating a vision for spaces.

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