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changing views

Lake Caroline

These clients had chosen a floor plan for a new home to be built on a three-acre lot filled with large trees and a nice pond. Unfortunately, the chosen floor plan wouldn’t have accentuated the property to its best. After hearing what they liked about the floor plan, I suggested that we get an architectural draftsman involved to help make the house fit the site better. The front door needed to face the street, but the most desirable views would be to the side of the home. So, we came up with a new floor plan that fit the site and their needs, resulting in a home that takes full advantage of all that the property has to offer.

We wanted to make the most out of the natural elements on the property. There was a natural swale that we wanted to use, so I created a boardwalk over it that leads from the guest parking area to the front door. This leaves the homeowners the option to later create a water feature by lining the creek with stone and having the water recirculate as it constantly flows into the lake. Additionally, the owners have large trucks and trailers that they regularly maneuver around the site, so I created a drive that’s easy to navigate, yet natural in its shape to compliment the character of the site.

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