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Examples of BK LIghting fixtures

B-K Lighting University

May 21, 2018 0 Blog, Curb Appeal, Home Improvements, Improvements, Landscape Architecture, Lighting, Training, Yard

    It’s always good when I specify landscape lighting to know as much as possible about the company and the quality of the fixtures I am specifying so that my clients are getting the best value. There is no better way to do this than to visit the factory! B-K Lighting, headquartered in Madeira, California, hosted their bi-annual B-K University in November 2017 which I attended as the guest of Bryan Jenkins of SESCO […]


Avoid These Landscaping Mistakes

Jan 19, 2018 0 Blog, Curb Appeal, Garden, Grass, Green, Improvements, Landscape Architecture, Lawn Maintenance, Lawns, Plants, Yard

You can just picture it: a pretty cottage garden overflowing your front yard, with tons of heavy, scented blooms. Well, at least you can picture it with your eyes closed. With your eyes open all you see is a bit of patchy grass and a few scrubby shrubs. Yuck. You need some color, stat. That desire, though, is often what causes so many homeowners to waste money and time. Keep disappointment away by avoiding these seven […]


Unexpected Uses of WD-40

Jan 17, 2018 0 Blog, Improvements

What does Gary Haygood and WD-40 have in common? Gary wants to make your life easier even in its little details. Check out these great ways we found to use WD-40. protect bird feeder from squirrels To keep squirrels from taking over a bird feeder, spray a generous amount of WD-40 on top of the feeder. The pesky squirrels will slide right off. exterminate roaches & repel insects When you see a roach, spray a […]


Connect Your Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

Dec 13, 2017 0 Blog, Curb Appeal, Garden, Grass, Green, Health, Home Improvements, Improvements, Landscape Architecture, Lawns, Plants, Remodel, Yard

How do you go about establishing a harmonious link between inside and outside? Think first in terms of interlocking the spaces of the garden with the spaces of the room that adjoins it to create a flow between in and out. If you can also keep spaces in scale with one another, you will be much of the way toward the desired effect. How you style the outside space can then be used to strengthen […]


How to Create Interesting Curb Appeal

Dec 1, 2017 0 Blog, Curb Appeal, Garden, Grass, Green, Home Improvements, Improvements, Landscape Architecture, Lawn Maintenance, Lawns, Plants, Staging

All of us know how important curb appeal. It affects property and neighborhood values; it affects how your guests react and feel upon arrival; it affects your peace of mind and attitude. Curb appeal is important! If you choose not to hire a professional, licensed Landscape Architect like me, you can use the following tips to interesting curb appeal. frame your house with trees Trees here lead you to focus on the house. There is […]


How to Start Your First Landscape Project

Nov 24, 2017 0 Blog, Curb Appeal, Garden, Grass, Green, Home Improvements, Improvements, Landscape Architecture, Lawn Maintenance, Lawns, Plants, Remodel, Staging

    The creativity and experience you invest in when hiring a Landscape Architect like me can pay big dividends in the look and feel of your new yard. Sometimes, however, you may want to take a more hands-on approach, whether it’s for monetary reasons or because you enjoy getting in the dirt. Paying for a design consultation is helpful, but there are many professional strategies you can use yourself, leading to an attractive, functional […]

American flag with silouette of soldier saluting with the words "Remember All Who Served Veteran's Day"

2017 Veteran’s Day Specials

Nov 10, 2017 0 Blog

Every Nov. 11, restaurants and retailers say “thank you” to veterans by offering them free meals and other goodies. And, each year, it’s quite a long list. All the offers below have been verified by our team. We’ll be adding to the list as more businesses confirm their Veterans Day specials. This year (2017), as a vet or active service member, you can enjoy drinks, meals, appetizers, desserts, special services and more at your favorite […]

Close up of yellow daffodils

Yellow Daffodil Planting Guide

Oct 25, 2017 0 Blog, Curb Appeal, Grass, Green, Landscape Architecture, Lawn Maintenance, Lawns, Plants

The first sight of a daffodil, whether in your garden or in a store, is proof that spring is here. Even better, they’re practically foolproof to grow. They’re perennial bulbs, coming back year after year. They’re cold hardy and don’t need summer water to thrive. They’re also not a target for deer or gophers. If you want to enjoy these bulbs come spring, though, fall is the time to plant. Caution: Keep daffodil bulbs away […]


Easy Fall Decorations

Oct 18, 2017 0 Activities, Blog, Decorations, Garden, Green, Holidays, Staging

Just a few easy fall decorating ideas we put together for you. We would love to see pics of your finished pieces. Enjoy!   This one will have you wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Simply turn over your wine glass, place a votive on the stem and a simple holiday or seasonal item under the goblet. You can just imagine the possibilities for uses throughout the year! What about Christmas ornaments, birthday trinkets, […]


Don’t Make Volcanoes When Applying Landscape Mulch

Oct 6, 2017 0 Blog, Garden, Green, Landscape Architecture, Lawn Maintenance, Lawns

According to Gary R. Bachman with the Mississippi State University Extension Service, people aren’t using mulch properly, and this can cause damage to your trees. Adding a layer of mulch around the base of your trees can reduce weeds, cools the soil and most importantly, conserves precious water in the tree’s root zone when done correctly. Bachman suggests the following for proper mulching: The ideal mulch thickness is 2 to 3 inches, but some gardeners […]

gazebo in a garden

9 Plants to Avoid If You Have Allergies–And What to Grow Instead

Aug 1, 2017 0 Blog, Garden, Health, Improvements, Landscape Architecture, Plants

Do allergies or asthma keep you from enjoying your garden? The trick is to use plants that give you the look you want without causing you problems. Naturally, people are allergic to different types of plants, and they can experience a myriad of symptoms depending on the allergy. You might think a garden full of flowers would be your allergy’s culprit, but you would be surprised to know that this isn’t usually the case. The […]


Why Deadhead Your Garden

Jul 31, 2017 0 Blog, Curb Appeal, Garden, Landscape Architecture, Plants

An often overlooked maintenance for your gardens is deadheading or removing spent flowers. Your garden will thank you and provide blooms longer and more beautiful if you take the time to deadhead. We deadhead flowering plants for several reasons. It extends the bloom period, removes the seed source of species that could become weedy, and maintains the health of our flowering garden plants. Many plants will bloom again if the flowers are removed. This is […]


Are You a Mosquito Magnet?

Jul 26, 2017 0 Blog

Do you feel like you are a mosquito magnet? Ever wonder why? Would you believe there are over 3000 types of mosquitoes and only 200 or so like biting people–and only the female bites.   What Mosquitoes Like They start showing up as the weather gets warmer and their eggs begin to hatch. We all know mosquitoes like water: ponds, lakes, puddles, or a little birdbath in your yard. They like humidity too, like the […]


How to Cool Off in Your Garden

Jul 19, 2017 0 Blog, Curb Appeal, Garden, Improvements, Landscape Architecture, Plants

With these hot Mississippi summers, who doesn’t want to feel cool and refreshed? Lelia Scott Kelly, Ph.D., is a Horticulture Specialist with the Mississippi State University Extension office, and she offers the following advice to help you create a cooling, serene feel to your garden. Cool colors are considered relaxing and peaceful and colors such as reds and oranges are considered active, energetic, and hot. So, you need to decide if the overall atmosphere of […]


Celebrate National Grilling & National Picnic Month

Jul 1, 2017 0 Blog

Everyone enjoys a great summer of grilling and picnics, and July is both National Grilling Month and National Picnic Month. What a great time of year to have your personal outdoor kitchen! Outdoor kitchens make summer entertaining easy while bringing a hefty ROI when you are ready to sell. Call me at 601.966.3581 if you want to discuss adding an outdoor kitchen or outdoor living space to your home. Plan your menu with an eye […]


July 4th Decorations for under $4!

Jun 30, 2017 0 Blog, Decorations, Garden, Holidays

Great, inexpensive patriotic ideas to decorate your yard, deck and home for July 4th. Easy and quick ideas that even the kids can help out on. All projects less than $4 each! We hope you like these ideas and would love to see you post pics. Star Spangled Yard   Photo courtesy of  Most homeowners choose to have Independence Day celebrations in the backyard, and what better way to decorate than use the yard […]


Grow a Succulent Garden in Your Side Yard

Jun 29, 2017 0 Blog, Curb Appeal, Garden, Green, Home Improvements, Improvements, Landscape Architecture, Plants, Staging, Succulents , ,

Although you and your family may not spend as much time along the side yard as you do in the back, that part of your property may be noticeable from the street – and how it’s viewed is a reflection on you and your tastes. And if that’s not enough to get you caring about the state of your side yard, remember these two little words: curb appeal. Real estate agents are especially attentive to […]

white pitcher with pink flowers to celebration national pink day

Celebrate National Pink Day

Jun 23, 2017 0 Blog

National Pink Day is observed annually on June 23rd.  This day is set aside for the color pink and all it represents. First used as a color name in the late 17th century, pink is a pale red color which got its name from a flower of same name. As one of the most common colors of flowers, pink serves to attract the insects and birds that are necessary for pollination. According to surveys in […]

woman in jeans and rubber boots shoveling fertilizer in celebration of national garden exercise day

Celebrate National Gardening Exercise Day

Jun 11, 2017 0 Blog

National Gardening Exercise Day is observed each year on June 6 and encourages us to maximize the benefits we reap from gardening by adding some stretches and a few extra steps or squats. Gardening on its own is therapeutic, builds muscles and burns calories. Some of the gardening activities that are excellent for working your muscles and for burning calories include: weeding, digging, spading, planting, pruning, mowing, raking, and walking. Many of us do not […]


Patio Makeover on a Budget

Jun 1, 2017 0 Blog, Curb Appeal, Home Improvements, Improvements, Landscape Architecture, Plants, Remodel, Staging

Is your patio in drastic need of a makeover? Limited funds to get it done? These 5 quick, easy Tips to Makeover Your Patio on a Budget bring more bang for your buck in no time.  #1 – add some color! It’s hard to enjoy your patio if it’s covered in debris scattered by the wind or by critters with a penchant for digging and trampling. Stop critters with the humble pine cone — instead […]

closeup of dandelion weed

Six Homemade Herbicides

May 15, 2017 0 Blog, Curb Appeal, Improvements, Plants

Kill the Weeds, Not the Earth Strong chemical herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides can end up polluting our drinking water, our groundwater, and surface water, so it’s important to consider the longer term effects of using them, and to instead make the choice to use a gentler herbicide, which won’t contribute to the larger issue of water contamination. The most environmentally friendly way to get rid of weeds is to pull them up, dig out the […]

heavenly bamboo plant is good to use to increase curb appeal

Best Plants to Use Along Home Foundation

May 15, 2017 0 Blog, Curb Appeal, Improvements, Landscape Architecture, Plants

Increase your curb appeal by using these plants along the foundation of your home.    


6 Outdoor Projects You Can Do With Your Kids

May 5, 2017 0 Activities, Blog, Improvements, Landscape Architecture

Great family-friendly home improvement projects. Boost your curb appeal while encouraging your children’s creativity. Get the whole family outside and have fun while showing your children how to take pride in their home. Kids have a short attention span so remember these easy guidelines: Keep it safe. Use gloves and safety glasses when necessary. Keep it simple. They’ll come away with a sense of accomplishment if it’s a project they can handle easily. Keep it […]


10 curb appeal tips

Jan 10, 2017 0 Blog, Curb Appeal, Landscape Architecture

There are some inexpensive, easy ideas for instantly improving the curb appeal of your home. Something as simple as adding potted plants in colorful planters near your front entrance can do wonders to make your home more inviting. See 10 Curb Appeal Tips from HGTV for some quick, easy suggestions. Gary Haygood brings added benefits to his clients. As a Landscape Architect, he knows how to best enhance your property and its curb appeal especially […]


landscape architects relieve stress

Jan 10, 2017 0 Blog, Health, Landscape Architecture

Stress is part of our daily lives in some degree or another. Doctors know and studies repeatedly confirm that these stress levels can affect our bodies and health in a myriad of ways, both mentally and physically. Landscape Architects are able to remedy some of our stress levels simply through designing spaces that provide us with quiet places whether in an urban park or our own backyards. The effects of high levels of chronic, long-term […]

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