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Palisades—Brandon, MS

The homeowners are retired and wanted me to create a backyard paradise for them to enjoy. The home they just purchased had a wood structure on the back porch that they wanted to replace with a screened porch. As always, I documented what was existing, and then I studied various options to add the screened porch onto the home so it would look like it had always been part of the original home structure.

Phase 1 consisted of removing several mature Bradford Pear trees that were shading out sod and other plant growth. The existing patio had numerous cracks through it and stains on it without any visual boundaries. So, Phase 1 included adding a brick seatwall around the outside edge of the patio and adding a concrete overlay to the existing patio to give it a fresh and modern appearance. The other primary component of Phase 1 was the addition of the screened patio complete with lighting and a fan. The new furnishings were selected for style, comfort and price to finish the space.

Phase 2 consisted of the landscape additions. Some buffer materials were needed to add privacy, interest and a sense of enclosure. These were added in strategic locations then accented with complementary plant materials with various textures, leaf color, texture and flowering time. Due to a problem with standing water, a dry creek bed was incorporated into the design complete with plant materials to attract butterflies. I was able to incorporate many of the owner’s belongings into the garden–a fountain, an heirloom weather vane used on top of the screened porch, multiple birdhouses and trellises.

The clients are ecstatic with the end result and enjoy their new garden every day whether they are inside or outside!

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