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Reunion—Madison, MS

Homeowners can now enjoy a lovely view of the Reunion Golf Course with easy access to the course. Located in the Reunion Community in Madison, MS, this project was all about scale. The house was located on a hill with a 10’ drop between it and the golf course behind the home. To solve the problem of traversing the steep incline to the golf course, I worked with the existing landforms and designed two grand staircases that were in scale with the house and the large open area behind it. Natural stone was used to complement the large cypress poles along the porch while not detracting from the beauty of the home. Shade trees were placed in strategic locations so as not to block views to the golf course, but so they would provide shade and the needed human scale element to make someone comfortable in the space. For interest, I incorporated two egret bronze sculptures and worked with Stephanie Dwyer, a local artist, to design and create the cattail sculptures.

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