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creating a welcoming backyard oasis

Philadelphia, MS

With a family wedding coming up in a few months, the clients wanted to transform their backyard into something people could enjoy after the wedding and they could enjoy regularly as a family, so we took this uninspired covered porch and a yard full of trees and transformed it into a backyard oasis and a fully functional covered porch for the family to enjoy for years to come. Certain larger trees were kept but we cleared the rest of them within the main patio area to make room for a meandering seatwall, a firepit, and a swing trellis. Today, this space provides a striking element to view from indoors. You walk out of the home from the glass double-doors onto the porch then descend a hearty staircase to a brick landing. From there, you will approach a large semi-circle seating area complete with a firepit that can be enjoyed year round, and to the side there is a swing sitting below a pergola. The client has children who love to have friends over to hang out and enjoy the firepit when in season. The string lights make it usable in the evening too and help to create a relaxing mood. A winding path through the trees leads to the side of the house and another staircase leading to the remodeled covered porch which now offers a more functional outdoor dining/living area for the family. Additionally, the master landscape plan includes a grill structure, so it can be added later if the homeowners should decide to do so.

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